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Security forces’ new conspiracy to intensify Rohingya sufferings

Burmese govt backed security forces plot new schemes to arrest arbitrarily, to harass, to extort money and to persecute Rohingya men in villages inside Arakan State.

This time, the security forces have adopted a grim scheme by using their agents in which they leave guns with a list of names covering around the guns in Rohingya houses. Consequently, Rohingya men are being victims of random arrest bearing false allegations in which they have no affiliations.

In Bossora village before Friday congregational prayer, military army conducted a raid on the village surrounding it and elicited all Rohingya men from their houses and made them assemble in a local school.

Confining Rohingya men in school, the security forces searched each Rohingya house. In a house, they discovered a gun with a list (including 25 names written on it) wrapped over the gun.

Earlier either, Abdul Hakim sent the list of names to local administrative authority bringing the accusation that these 25 people are supporting the members of Haraka Al Yakin group. When, the case was investigated, all the Rohingya villagers protested in a single voice against the accusation.

All the confined persons were cross-examined one by one to know whether they are affiliated with the persons listed. Later, they were spared. But, three women were detained from the house where a gun was found.

The repeated occurrences designed only to make Rohinhya suffer speak out an obvious conspiracy against Rohingya Muslims and Rohingya men.

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